Change in Circumstance

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Change in Circumstance (CiC) 

The providers of accredited prevocational training programs (PTPs) are responsible for ensuring ongoing compliance with accreditation standards. These are outlined in the National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training (NFPMT). Providers that train prevocational doctors are dynamic and it is acknowledged that changes to training programs can occur regularly.

Where changes are planned and meet the requirements of a formal change in circumstance request, irrespective of the anticipated consequences, approval by PMAQ is required prior to the changes taking effect or placement of a prevocational doctor in the relevant program or term following implementation of such changes.

Where changes occur because of external influences and are not planned, it is expected that notification to PMAQ occurs in a timely manner and that consequences for ongoing accreditation are mediated between the training provider and the PMAQ Accreditation Committee.

Please view the Notification and Change in Circumstance Guideline below for advice on when prevocational training providers are required to inform PMAQ of changes to their PTP. Further, the Guideline distinguishes which types of changes require notification only and which types require a formal change in circumstance request.

If the change requires a formal review, assessors will be convened to examine the evidence against the standards in the NFPMT. In certain circumstances, it may be deemed appropriate for the change to be assessed by PMAQ staff.

* When considering evidence to accompany the CiC Request form, refer to the tip sheet – term orientation guide below to ensure adequate evidence is submitted.

Please be aware that the timeline from submission to outcome may take up to three to four months.


PMAQ Notification and Change in Circumstance Guideline

Change in Circumstance Notification form

Change in Circumstance Request form

Tip sheet – Term orientation guide

Last modified: 13 May 2024