Change in Circumstance

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Change in Circumstance (CiC) – accredited program or term

Following the granting of Accreditation, providers are required to report on any change that impacts the education and training of medical interns and links to the PMAQ Accreditation Standards. All providers that employ or train interns are required to ensure that PMAQ is advised of any such change that occurs between accreditation visits, prior to the change being implemented for changes that are to occur for a significant period (greater than one month).
For new or existing term CiC’s, prior to preparing the application please contact PMAQ to discuss the timeline for submission and expected outcome date.
Changes will be evaluated by assessors to ensure ongoing compliance with PMAQ Accreditation Standards.
Please be aware that the timeline from submission to outcome usually takes around four months.

PMAQ Change in Circumstance Guideline

Change in Circumstance form – General

Change in Circumstance form – New Term PGY1-PGY2

Change in Circumstance form – Existing Term

Tip sheet – Term orientation guide

Last modified: 4 September 2023