Standards in Focus

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Standards in Focus

PMAQ provides an overview of a different accreditation standard in each monthly newsletter. The Standard in Focus is aimed to provide clarity or guidance for providers about how best to interpret the standards and how they can be applied to individual Intern Training Programs. Each Standard in Focus can be viewed by following the links below.

Understanding the AMC’s Intern training – Guidelines for Terms

Standard 1.1

Standard 1.2

Standard 1.3.1

Standard 1.4

Standard 1.5.1

Standard 2 

Standard 3

Standard 3.1

Standard 3.2

Standard 4

Standard 5.1

Standard 5.2.7

Standard 6.1

Standard 6.4

Standard 7.2

Standard 7.3.1

Standard 7.4

Standard 7.5

Standard 8.1

Standard 8.2

Last modified: 3 August 2022