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PMAQ Accreditation Assessor Teams

PMAQ Assessors are responsible for the impartial evaluation of prevocational training programs in Queensland.

Assessor teams evaluate evidence supplied by a provider against the national standards and provide recommendations resulting from this analysis to the Accreditation Committee.

An excellent way to gain an in-depth knowledge of the key national standards and the accreditation system as a whole is to become a PMAQ Assessor.

Why become an Assessor?

Aside from looking great on your CV, as an Assessor you have the ability to:

  • Consider how the standards are interpreted and applied
  • learn what other providers are doing
  • gain a better understanding of challenges faced by health organisations
  • be involved in influencing change and driving improvements in prevocational training programs
  • network and collaborate with clinicians, accreditation and medical education professionals from across Queensland.

The PMAQ Assessor Pool boasts a fantastic group of professionals who regularly participate in accreditation assessments and find the experience invaluable.

To find out more about becoming an Assessor or to book yourself in for the next round of Assessor Training, please get in touch with PMAQ via email:

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Last modified: 8 April 2024