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PMAQ Accreditation Assessment Teams

PMAQ Accreditation Assessment Teams are responsible for the impartial evaluation of intern training programs against the PMAQ Accreditation Standards and make recommendations on accreditation outcomes to the PMAQ Accreditation Committee.

Assessment teams also provide recommendations for improvements to the Intern Training Program and support the monitoring of compliance through evaluation of responses to conditions, change in circumstances and progress reports.

The composition of an accreditation visit team will depend on the activity being undertaken, size of the facility being assessed and the training program it provides. Assessment Teams will usually be comprised of two to six qualified assessors as well as assessors in training, who may represent the following groups:

  • Directors of Clinical Training
  • Clinicians
  • Junior Medical Officers
  • Medical Education Officers
  • Medical Executives
  • Medical Administrators

A PMAQ Assessor Team Member Role Statement has been developed for team leads and members. The statement sets out the role of the Assessment Team and provides necessary information and tools for conducting an intern accreditation assessment.

How to apply to join the PMAQ Assessor Pool

All PMAQ Assessors are required to be endorsed by the PMAQ Accreditation Committee. Prior to endorsement all applicants must either complete assessor training or provide evidence that they possess the skills, knowledge and experience required to fulfil the role of assessor.

To express your interest in becoming a PMAQ Assessor please contact the PMAQ team.

Last modified: 12 December 2019